Shelby Township, Michigan, United States



Thought leaders in business
strategy and marketing.

Dr. C.K. Prahalad

University of Michigan

Dr. Steve Millett

​Battelle Memorial Institute

Dr. Roger Best

University of Oregon

Dr. Vlad Pucik

Rutgers University

Our tools are impacted by leading experts in business strategy and marketing.

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The key to effective strategic business is identifying the GAP's in current products and materials, not necessarily just the end application. 

By using our strategic diagnostic tools, we can help you pin-point strategic investment, material innovation, and market variables--proven methods to increase the success of new product launches. Below are just some of the tools we use to track potential markets:

- Patent Mapping

- Product-Market Benchmarking

- Managing International 
   Joint Ventures

- Strategic Alliance Analysis
- Marketing Excellence Surveys
- Portfolio Management Training
- Predictive Segmentation
- Voice of the Customer Training 



Strategic Business Planning

Tackle your largest business issues while planning for the future.  Challenge business assumptions and rethink ideas from an outside perspective.

New Product Development

Turn new ideas into profits.  Define customer needs to increase your understanding of future market trends.

Market Research

- Market Forecasting

- Business Futuring-Interactive 

​- Futures Simulation

- Strategies for Emerging Economies
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys
- Patent Database Training

- Unmet Customer Needs Analysis
​   and training